Many negatives make a positive

Spa 6 HoursTonight over a fabulous paella my friends and I were discussing house prices and locations, you know the usual thing that us Brits do at a dinner party. Well one friend, after hearing that I had spare rooms for just myself said, “gosh, I have two bedrooms for the pair of us and our daughter.”

I said but yes my spare room is for my storage – where all my photographic studio equipment and negatives are stored along with a spare bed and another is a an office as I work from home.

“Negatives”, she said, “for what?”

I said that my negatives were photographic negatives of all the people and the places I have photographed.

“What?” she said, “so you are storing all this for people and all those places. why don’t you call them up and say hey do you want to buy your negatives or just chuck them out?”

I explained that I had photographed these people sometimes at the beginning of their careers and now are becoming significant players in their field and perhaps the photos might be ready to be utilised.

“Well”, she said, “so you need to use them then and get them out of your life. Clear out that room.”