Grand Prix de Monaco – final prep

Walking the track is like walking the long walk, whatever that might be?  ( I heard it somewhere) but walking round the Monaco race track for photographic purposes is believe it or not quite tiresome. Although it is relatively as small track it is a tricky lil’ bugger to walk around when there are regular cars and scooters all ignoring the zebra crossings, pedestrian walkways and so forth, but today I walked the track and found a spot that might be suitable for my 70mm Leica Lens.

The paddocks today continued to fill with cars such as Alfa Romeos from the 30’s and McLarens from the 70’s all providing enough benzine for any petrol head to inhale. The Bugatti boys, (Pittaway and Dutton) decided to take Pittaway’s car apart where, on rebuild I noticed the detailed copper threading to keep tight the bolts on the aluminium bodywork. With all the movement of a high speed chase the car would soon rattle itself apart if these bolts were not secured.

Tomorrow is the first of the qualifying rounds so lots of action and lots to say. So I shall leave you until then.